Bronze of two buffalo

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$ 15,000.00
Bronze of two buffalo
Anton Büschelberger (German, 1869-1934)
Bronze of two buffalo
Germany, 1926
Cast bronze sculpture on marble base
Initialed and dated on lower left side of sculpture
10 ½ x 7 ½  x 31"

Born in Eger, Germany in 1896, Anton inherited his artistic skills from his father, Georg Friedrich Christian, a sculptor and carver. While Büschelberger biographical details are scarce, it is known that he studied at the Art Academy in Munich. After marriage, Büschelberger settled in Dresden. Known for his realistic animal sculpture, Buschelberg's inspiration came from the animals at the Dresden Zoo. He also worked under Karl Ens, the owner of the Volkstedt Factory, which specialized in porcelain production. Germany played an important part in the early porcelain industry. Key advancements made in its production in Meissen, Germany allowed porcelain to develop into a common household item rather then as a wealthy luxury for the rich. Büschelberger is accredited with several figurine designs under Ens. He died in 1934 but not before passing on his artistic skills to one of his four sons, Frederick Büschelberger, who would contribute many public works projects to towns in Germany.