Hæmisphærivm Scenographicum Australe Coeli Stellati et Terræ

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Hæmisphærivm Scenographicum Australe Coeli Stellati et Terræ
Andreas Cellarius (1656-1702)
Plate 28- Hæmisphærivm Scenographicum Australe Coeli Stellati et Terræ
From: Atlas Coelestis seu Harmonia Macrocosmica
Amsterdam: Schenk and Valk, 1708
Hand-colored copperplate engraving
32” x 36 1/2” framed
In a scenographic view of the Celestial hemisphere, Cellarius depicts now the Southern hemisphere, including the constellations as they float above the Earth. Cellarius included in this plate 13 new constellations from Petrus Plancius.
“The scene in the bottom left corner, depicting an astronomical telescope with various accessory parts and a group of astronomers, is copied from two almost identical scenes in the Selenographia sive Lunae Descriptio by the Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius, published in Danzig in 1647.”
This plate provides another visually stimulating and intricate piece. Visual interest is held throughout the entire piece with all the complex structures of line and shape are uniquely played amongst each other.
With the color scheme limited, it allows for the small areas of color to stand out. This makes for an overall interesting composition, especially when the moments of color occur in the center of the image. As one inspects the delicate decoration surrounding the main center image, there is a visual sensibility that cannot help but play off the spots of color and be drawn to a nostalgic interest with the various monochromatic characters.